What is Zefir?

What's inside?

Zefir - is a sweet based on pectin, egg whites, and sugar.

Marshmallow vs Zefir

In contrast to zefir, marshmallow does not have eggs as one of its ingredients but has water, corn starch, and grape juice.

The difference is that marshmallow is more viscous-tasty and sticky, while zefir is more like souffle.

Zefir — The Healthiest Dessert

Our zefir is made from natural ingredients and by the correct classical recipe. This sweet is healthy even for children. It doesn't destroy teeth and doesn't make you add extra weight.

Nutritionists recommend this type of dessert even to those who are trying to lose weight! A reasonable amount of zefir will fill your body with healthy substances, and without harm to your figure will satisfy your sweet craving.

History of Zefir

The ancestor of zefir is a traditional Russian fruit confectionery called pastila.

In the 15th century the recipe of pastila came into the hands of French confectioners. They took that recipe and experimented with its ingredients. Instead of honey in the original recipe, they added sugar. Precisely because of those changes their dessert looked whiter, and tasted less sweat and more airy and fluffy.

To cover the theft of the recipe French confectioners sold their sweats by the name of zefir, which in translation from French means "light breaze"